Bowley Moore Appraisal Centre, Inc.
Bowley Moore Appraisal Centre, Inc.

Our Services

We provide a variety of appraisal and related services.

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Residential Properties

We provide real estate appraisals for one to four family homes. Included in each report are at least three comparable sales that support the market value conclusion. We have combined the strength of seasoned professionals with the newest technology to develop quality residential appraisal reports for one to four family homes.

FHA and Reverse Mortgage appraisals

Many of our appraisers are approved by the Government to perform appraisals for the Federal Housing Administration for new loans and Reverse Mortgages.

Partial Interest Properties

Ownership of less than 100% of real estate can result in management, sale and refinancing difficulties. We use market-based sales which reflect the discounts appropriate for those difficult situations.

Estate Planning

Establishing values with an appraisal enables owners to plan for the appropriate distribution of ownership. Our extensive library of sale information covering the last twenty years enables us to develop retrospective values. The combination of retrospective and current values is part of the flexibility we bring to the planning process.

Tax Appeals

The assessment of real estate has changed in the last fifteen years. Towns and cities are statistically analyzing properties to estimate tax value. This is a change from the manual computations and we find the computerized estimates of value have failed to fully address the actual market. Our process reviews and recalculates the assessor's valuation based on the changing real estate market.

Insurance Coverage or Claim
Insurance valuations address the need for adequate coverage of the investment. An appraised value prior to a loss reflects the quality and quantity of home improvements. Estimating the value contribution of each component after a loss is part of the appraisal process.